Toyota Land Cruiser

Sunday 13 September 2009
The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive vehicles produced by the Japanese car maker Toyota Motor Corporation. Design of the Land Cruiser began in 1951 as Toyota's version of a Jeep-like vehicle and production began in 1954. The Land Cruiser has been produced in convertible, hardtop, station wagon, and utility truck versions. It is currently Toyota's flagship 4WD.
In 1998 Toyota introduced the 100 Land Cruiser to replace the 80. At launch the UZJ100 featured the first eight-cylinder engine (4.7-litre 32-valve 2UZ-FE petrol engine) in a Toyota four wheel drive. For the first time in Land Cruiser history, the 100 Series featured independent front suspension for increased on-road handling. In Africa and certain other markets, Toyota offered a 105 model, which retained the solid front axle for more demanding off-road use.
The 5 door model is made by Del Prado while 3 door, much worse in quality, is an early Hongwell.

Technical data:
- engine: 6 cylinders
- capacity: 4477 cc
- horsepower: 215 HP
- gearbox: 5+1
- top speed: 160 km/h

Technical data:
- engine: V8
- capacity: 4700 cc
- horsepower: 230 HP
- gearbox: 4+1
- top speed: 190 km/h

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