Citroen GS Birotor

Friday 26 March 2010
A two rotor GS was launched in 1973. Dubbed the Citroën GS Birotor (also called Citroën GZ), it featured a 107 PS (79 kW) Wankel birotor produced by the joint NSU-Citroën Comotor project. This style of motor is noted for its smooth power delivery which complemented the luxurious ride quality of the hydropneumatic suspension. The Birotor was extensively reengineered, besides for the Comotor 624 engine. Discs all around (ventilated in front), different wheels with a five-bolt pattern rather than three, and a three-speed semi-automatic transmission were combined with a more luxurious interior and flared fenders to set the Birotor apart from its lesser siblings. Sadly, the Birotor was placed in the uncomfortable position of costing more than the larger, faster, more economical and less complex Citroën DS which quickly sealed its fate. The Birotor version achieved poor sales and was quickly pulled from the market after 847 units sold. It was not economical for its size and was launched during the 1973 oil crisis. The sales and quality were so disappointing that Citroën attempted to buy back and scrap each Birotor, as it did not want to support the model with spare parts. A few of these remarkable vehicles have nonetheless survived in the hands of collectors, many without titles for some time as Citroën did not want to recognize the cars.

Technical data:
- engine: Wankel
- capacity: 498 cc
- horsepower: 107 HP
- gearbox: 5+1
- top speed: 180 km/h

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