Tarpan 237

Monday 5 July 2010
In December of 1972 the first series of 25 pieces left the gate of WZNS. The car was called Tarpan. Operational tests of the first cars and the technological requirements made it necessary to introduce several changes in the structure of the vehicle before it went into mass production. As a result of the first modernization the look of the car has changed a bit. Introduced was the front bumper, new front indicator lamp (from PF 125p) and the new, narrower, longer front grille. The headlamps were introduced with two-stage beam height adjustment, depending on vehicle load.

Technical data:
- engine: 4 cylinders
- capacity: 1481 cc
- horsepower: 70 HP
- gearbox: 4+1
- top speed: 110 km/h

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