Opel Corsa B Swing

Tuesday 27 December 2011
In 1993 the Corsa B was unveiled, and in the UK, Vauxhall dropped the Nova name, with the car now being known as the Corsa. The following year, it was launched by Holden in Australia, as the Barina, replacing a version of the Suzuki Swift sold under that name. This proved a success, and was the first Spanish-built car to be sold in significant volumes in the Australian market.
Four-cylinder power came from 1.2 L Family 0, 1.4 L and 1.6 L Family 1 petrol engines, as well as an economical 1.5 L turbodiesel engine. Unlike the previous model, there was no saloon version, but one was designed in Brazil for the Latin American market, as saloons were much preferred to hatchbacks. This was also introduced in South Africa and India. A station wagon, panel van and pick-up truck were also introduced. The wagon version was sold in some European markets (including Italy), badged as an Opel. The Corsa also spawned a small coupé called Opel Tigra. A 1.0 L 3-cylinder Family 0 economy version was launched in 1997, and a Lotus-tuned suspension was added as well as an exterior refresh.

Engine: 4L
Capacity: 1200
Power: 70 HP
Gearbox: 5+1
Top Speed: 165 km/h

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TUNNING66 pisze...

Muy linda miniatura !!
Yo la estoy buscando hace rato para sumarla a mi coleccion.

Modelarz pisze...

I've got no clue what you have just written :)
English please.

Gaucho Man pisze...

very nice model.
it is familiar to me because it was produced in our country,
so I can tell you that it is perfect.
(this specifical cabrio version was not produced here but all the other yes)
have an excelent new year!