Dacia 1300

Tuesday 27 March 2012
The Dacia 1300 (Romanian pronunciation: was a car manufactured during the Cold War by Romanian auto marque Dacia. "1300" represents the car's engine displacement. The first Dacia 1300 left the assembly line on 23 August 1969. On 21 July 2004 the last Dacia 1310 (saloon version), number 1,979,730, rolled out the gates of the Mioveni production facility, just one month before their 35th anniversary.
Dacia acquired the tooling and basic designs of the Renault 12. Most of the resulting automobiles were sold to consumers in the Communist Eastern bloc; in export markets, the car was also known as the Dacia Denem.
Minor cosmetic changes were made every few years in an effort to increase the public's interest in purchasing a newer model, but the main design features of the car remained the same year after year, quickly rendering it outdated: most of the technological improvements made during the years the car was produced, such as air conditioning and anti-lock brakes, were never offered.
In addition to the sedan and wagon versions of the original, it was also a pick-up version, Dacia 1302.

Engine: 4 cylinders
Capacity: 1289 cc
Power: 54 HP
Gearbox: 4+1
Top Speed: 145 km/h

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