UAZ 3909

Friday 31 July 2015
UAZ-452 (УАЗ-452) (nicknamed Буханка (Bukhanka or Bread loaf), Таблетка (Tabletka or Pill) or Golovastik (Tadpole))UAZ-452 dimensions Wheelbase 2300 mm Length 4360 mm Width 1940 mm Height 2090 mm Curb weight 1,760 kg Ground clearance 220 mm Max.speed 95 km/h UAZ-452 is a family of off-road vans produced at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant since 1965. Its predecessor model UAZ-450 [produced in 1958-1966] was based on the chassis and engine of the GAZ-69 military jeep and was the first "forward control" vehicle of this type to be built in Russia.
In the late 1970s, new rear lights, got rectangular shape (the former were smaller and had a round shape).
In 1985 this car has upgraded and was divided into separate models: 39625, 3962, 3303, 3909 and 2206. Was introduced in lighting fixtures that meets modern international requirements, there were alarms, a new instrument panel, a new speedometer. Redesigned brakes. The engine has also been upgraded, and its capacity increased to 99 hp against the previous 78 hp.
In the early years of 2000h, new plastic side mirrors, taken from the van GAZelle , headrests on the front seats, with a minibus version (2206), new passenger seats with headrests. At pickup truck (version 3303) appeared metal body instead of a wooden.
Because of the external similarities with a loaf of bread, the van became known as Буханка (bukhanka, loaf) in Russian. The ambulance version was nicknamed Таблетка (tabletka, pill) The car is produced in several modifications, with the main difference being the body type (e.g. UAZ-3741 van {known as bukhanka} or and UAZ-3303 pickup truck {known as golovastik, tadpole}). The body of the van is normally equipped with two front doors, a single-wing door on the right side and a double-wing door in the rear, although the exact configuration can vary depending on the specific modification. Notable in the van are the fuel ports on the left and the right side of the van, leading to two separate fuel tanks.
The engine, placed between the left hand driver and the front-seat passenger, was the same 75 hp (56 kW; 76 PS) 2,445 cc (149.2 cu in) UMZ 452MI inline four as the UAZ-469, and was able to run on gasoline of as low as 72 octane (76 was preferred).

Technical data:
- engine: 4 cylinders
- capacity: 2700 cc
- horsepower: 112 HP
- gearbox: 4+1
- top speed: 127 km/h

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