Scania 144L

Wednesday 26 August 2009
The Scania 4-series was truck model range introduced in 1995. It was the successor of the 3-series and it came in five engine combinations and four chassis types. Production of Scania 4-series was stopped after its successors P-series, R-series and T-series were introduced in 2004. The engine sizes are - as usual for the 1-4 series - shown in the model name with a number constructed by the cylinder volume in litres followed by the generation of truck. This way a 14 litre engine in the 4-series will be a 144. The model is out of the box kit produced by Italeri and built by me.

Technical data:
- engine: V8
- capacity: 14000 cc
- horsepower: 530 HP
- gearbox: 16+2
- top speed: 90 km/h

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