Citroen DS 21 Coupe

Friday 25 September 2009
The DS 21 was also for model year 1965. This was a 2175 cc, 5 main bearing engine. This engine received a substantial increase in power with the introduction of Bosch electronic fuel injection for 1970, making the DS one of the first mass-market cars to use electronic fuel injection. Lastly, 1973 saw the introduction of the 2347 cc engine of the DS 23 in both carbureted and fuel injected forms. The DS 23 with electronic fuel injection was the most powerful production model, producing 143 horsepower (107 kW). IDs and their variants went through a similar evolution, generally lagging the DS by about one year. ID models never received the DS 23 engine or fuel injection. The DS was initially offered only with the "hydraulique" 4-speed semi-automatic gearbox. The later and simpler ID19 had the same gearbox and clutch, manually operated. This configuration was offered as a cheaper option for the DS in the mid-1960s. In September 1971 Citroën introduced a 3-speed fully-automatic Borg-Warner gearbox, followed in September 1972 by a five-speed manual gearbox, in addition to the original four-speed unit. The full-automatic transmissions were intended for the US market, but as Citroën withdrew from the US in 1972, the year of highest US sales, due to constrictive road rules, most automatic DSs, fuel-injected DS 23 sedans with air conditioning, were sold in Australia.

Technical data:
- engine: 4 cylinders
- capacity: 1911 cc
- horsepower: 75 HP
- gearbox: 4+1
- top speed: 140 km/h

4 komentarze:

interdomin pisze...

Beautiful car!

Modelarz pisze...

I agree. All DS's are perfect. Yet have still few to buy to my collection.

Anonimowy pisze...

This is not an ordinary version, it looks like the one of the 'Le Dandy' Coupes manufactured from a regular DS (rarely ID) base by Henri Chapron. It had a 'twin brother' cabrio: 'Le Caddy'. This example wears new type of tail 'wings'.
Nice model, made by norev for altaya I guess? They're good, cheap and relatively well made.

Modelarz pisze...

You are almost 100% right. The truth is, it was made by Norev for Atlas :)