Citroen Mehari

Tuesday 06 October 2009
The Citroën Méhari is an off-roader produced by the French automaker Citroën. 144,000 Méharis were built between 1968 and 1988. The Méhari was based on the Citroën Dyane 6, and had a body made of ABS plastic with a soft-top. It also employed the 602 cc flat twin gasoline engine from the 2CV6. A four-wheel drive version of the Méhari was produced from 1980 to 1983 and had excellent off-road qualities, mostly due to the lightness of the vehicle (the standard Méhari weighs just 570 kg (1,257 lb)).

Technical data:
- engine: 2 cylinders
- capacity: 602 cc
- horsepower: 33 HP
- gearbox: 4+1
- top speed: 110 km/h

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