Renault 9

Sunday 23 May 2010
The Renault 9 and Renault 11 are two small family cars produced by the French manufacturer Renault between 1981 and 1988. It was also manufactured by American Motors for the U.S. and Canadian markets from 1983 to 1987. It was produced and upgraded in Colombia between 1983 and 1999. The Renault 9 is a four-door saloon, launched in the fall of 1981. The Renault 11 was a three- or five-door hatchback, which followed in the spring of 1983. A version of the 9 was produced by American Motors Corporation (AMC) in the United States, where it was known as the Renault Alliance (although it also bore a discreet AMC badge on its rear window). As well as the four-door model, AMC offered an Alliance with an American designed two-door saloon body (which had higher proportioned rear wheel arches than the 4-door), and from 1984, a convertible version. There were plans for a station wagon of the Alliance, although they did not materialize. The Renault 9 was awarded the 1982 European Car of the Year, while the Alliance appeared on Car and Driver's Ten Best list for 1983, and was the 1983 Motor Trend Car of the Year. Although the 9 and 11 cars had different names and body styles, they were in fact identical under the skin, and were intended to jointly replace the older Renault 14. The 11 was also distinguishable from the 9 by its front end, which featured square twin headlights, which had been introduced on the Alliance in North America. The 9 also received this new front end in 1985 and both models were face-lifted for a final time with matching nose and interior upgrades for the 1987 model year.

Technical data:
- engine: 4 cylinders
- capacity: 1397 cc
- horsepower: 60 HP
- gearbox: 4+1
- top speed: 152 km/h

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Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 pisze...

Czołem Piotr! Kolejna dawka ładnych modeli. Seria Altayi z której pochodzi to Renault jest wyjątkowo udana.
P.S. Również zastanawiam się nad przejściem mojego bloga na język angielski. Kielce pozdrawiają :)

Modelarz pisze...

Dzięki. Z angielskim to dobry pomysł. Dużo więcej osób tu zagląda. Pozdrawiam ze Szczecina :)