Thursday 14 April 2011
Here is the one of the Minichamps' gift sets. I found it in newly opened BMW dealer shop. Both models were really dissapointing. 635 CSi is generally good with some small mistakes, but 645 Coupe is way below standards set by PMA.

The BMW E24 series was the first BMW 6 Series coupé, produced by the German automaker BMW between the 1976 and 1989 model years. The 6 Series name reappeared with the BMW E63 chassis beginning in the 2004 model year. The E24 borrowed heavily from contemporary 5-series cars (E12, later E28).
The E24 was a replacement for the CS and CSL coupés first produced in 1965. The CS 3.0 was almost changed by adding a few centimeters in height to make it easier for customers to get into the car. However, Bob Lutz rebelled against the decision and rough drafted an alternative version that soon became the 6 series. Production started in March 1976 with two models: the 630CS and 633CSi. Originally the bodies were manufactured by Karmann, but production was later taken in-house to BMW.
In July 1978 a more powerful variant, the 635CSi, was introduced (for the time being not available in North America and Japan) that featured as standard a special close-ratio 5-speed gearbox and a black rear spoiler.
In 1979 the carburetted 630CS was replaced with the 628CSi; this car had a fuel injected 2.8L engine taken from the BMW 528i.
In 1982 (Europe) and 1983 (US), the E24 changed slightly, with an improved interior and slightly modified exterior. At the same time, the 635CSi received a new engine, a slightly smaller-bored and longer-stroked 3430 cc six to replace the former 3453 cc engine and became available with a wide-ratio 5-speed or an automatic.
E24s produced after June 1987 came with new, ellipsoid headlamps which projects beam more directly onto road surface (newly introduced E32 series also sporting them). The sleeker European bumpers were also discontinued. Previous cars had either a European-standard bumper or a larger, reinforced bumper to meet the US standard requiring bumpers to withstand impact at 5 mph (8 km/h) without damage to safety-related components. 1989 was the last year for the E24 with production stopping in April. The E24 was supplanted by the considerably heavier, more complex, and more exclusive E31.

Technical data:
- engine: 6 cylinders
- capacity: 3453 cc
- horsepower: 215 HP
- gearbox: 5+1
- top speed: 222 km/h

The BMW E63/E64 is the current model of the BMW 6 Series of luxury coupés, introduced in Autumn 2003 in Frankfurt Motor Show by German car manufacturer BMW. It comes as either a coupé or cabriolet (convertible) and in several engine variants ranging from a 3 litre straight-6 to 5 litre V10 in the M6 model. Production ended on July 8, 2010.
In 1989 the original 6 Series was supplanted by the more expensive and higher performance 8 Series. In late 2003, the 6 Series was reintroduced as a 2004 model as a coupé (E63) and cabriolet (E64) platforms. The E63/64 itself is based on the BMW E60, the latter which forms the fifth iteration of the 5 Series sedan.
The styling of the new 6 Series has generally received a warm welcome from the BMW community. The new 6 Series was designed to look like a shark, and many have acknowledged the resemblance. The controversial rear styling by Chris Bangle is considered to work somewhat better on the shapely E63 than on other BMWs designed by Bangle, such as the E60 5 Series and E65 7 Series models which were controversial. However, most owners and enthusiasts of the E24 6 Series have disliked the E63.
In the 2010 model year, the M6 was the second-most expensive BMW sold in the U.S. after the flagship 760Li ($137,000), with an MSRP of $108,150 for the convertible and $102,350 for the coupé, overlapping with the ActiveHybrid 750Li and 750i (at $106,200 and $102,300, respectively), and considerably more than the M5 sedan at $85,700. The 2010 650i convertible and coupé, at $85,550 and $78,450, respectively, are also priced near the top of the BMW lineup, comparable to the 750Li and 750i ($85,900 and $82,000). In the U.S. the M6 had one of the largest residual value drops at 19%, as it had little if any changes since its 2006 introduction, its $102,350 base price which put it in Porsche territory, and as it has lost attention to flashier models like the Audi R8.

Technical data:
- engine: V8
- capacity: 4398 cc
- horsepower: 329 HP
- gearbox: 6+1
- top speed: 250 km/h

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