Tatra T148 S3

Monday 26 May 2014
The Tatra T148 was a truck produced in Czechoslovakia by the Tatra company.
In 1969 Tatra decided to modernize the existing T 138 model with a number of improvements and design changes. The new model series was designated T148. Designers were tasked with the requirements of increasing engine power, vehicle speed and reliability as well as meeting stricter noise and emission regulations.
Yet again design continued with the proven central backbone tube construction and power train integrated into the central backbone tube as a modular concept in 4x4 and 6x6 configuration. A new feature was the inter-axle differential. The main advantages of the central load carrying backbone tube are in its high torsion and bend strength, which protects the truck body against load stresses. The secondary advantage is that it houses all important parts of the drive train as well as it enables a concept of modular construction where designers and customers can specify 4 and 6 wheel drive, as well as various length wheelbase combinations.
The improved powerplant had its stroke lifted by 10 mm while the bore remained the same. The displacement was lifted to 12.6 litres which resulted in increased horsepower and torque. For military variants the engines were capable of running on alternative fuels (mixtures of diesel fuel, gasoline and or aviation kerosine fuel), albeit with a performance loss. The air cooling system was retained once again with the cooling fan driven via hydraulic clutch and engine oil temperature controlled. The fuel injection pumps featured different types variable or combination governors depending on the vehicle application.
The Tatra T148 featured an all-steel two door cabin with a fully suspended drivers seat and a bench seat for two occupants. Special military variants included a hatch opening on the roof. The vehicle featured an independent auxiliary cab heater and included cyclone pre-cleaners mounted on the front mudguards. The vehicle's top speed was approximately 80 km/h up to 26,000 kg (57,320 lb) GVM(T148 S3) or a total truck and trailer combination of up to 38,000 kg (83,776 lb) GCM(T148 S3).

Technical data:
- engine: V8
- capacity: 12667 cc
- horsepower: 180 HP
- gearbox: 5+1
- top speed: 80 km/h

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Na moim blogu kilka d ni temu pokazałem także ten model, mój to wersja IST/VVM zapraszam do porównania. Twój zdecydowanie kolorystycznie wygrywa;)

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Hermoso Tatra!

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Muy buen camión que compartimos, esta muy bien y es una buena entrega



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