Plymouth Savoy

Thursday 11 February 2016
The Plymouth Savoy is an automobile model produced from the 1954 through 1964 model years by Plymouth.
Plymouth used the name Savoy on several automobiles. From 1951-1953, the Savoy name was used on a station wagon, upgrading the base model Suburban. Later was a line of full-sized Plymouths from 1954-1961.
Another incarnation was among Plymouth's downsized full-size cars from 1962-1964.
As with Plymouth's Plaza and Belvedere models, the Savoy was named after an upscale hotel, the Savoy Hotel in London.
For the 1957 and 1958 model years, the line added a four-door hardtop sedan.
In 1959, Plymouth dropped the Plaza and replaced it with the Savoy, making the Savoy the model's entry level full-size Plymouth. The two hardtop models were dropped, as well as the side trim and interior appointments. Sales were not diminished as the Savoy became fleet vehicles used by taxicab companies. By 1960, a new model, the Plymouth Taxi Special, was spun off from the Savoy. Front leg room was 45.5".

Technical data:
- engine: V6
- capacity: 3773 cc
- horsepower: 110 HP
- gearbox: 4+1
- top speed: 128 km/h

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