DAF 2600

Monday 18 March 2019
The DAF 2600 series, introduced as "The mother of international road transport", astounded the European trucking fraternity with its compact design for maximum load length and its modern cab design. Cab designer W van den Brink had managed to create a standard sleeper cab within an overal length of 1.8 meters, and it set a new standard in driver comfort.
At a stroke, the spectacular DAF 2600 alleviated all the shortcomings of the 2000 DO, and the new truck ensured DAF's position as the market leader in driver comfort for many years to come. The trucking industry had never before seen such a well-appointed - if not luxuriously trimmed - cab, which gave a crew of two ample space and amenities for a comfortable overnight stop.
The 2600's cab was such a radical departure from the norm that it became the bench mark other manufacturers set out to emulate. Initially launched with Leyland DP680 diesels rated at 220bhp, the 2600 was to enjoy a production run of 11 years during which time substantially more powerful engine options would become available. The 2600 was destined to become a volume seller for DAF, and it helped the company achieve a major milestone in 1964, with the delivery of DAF's 50,000th truck chassis.
DAF to support its increasing sales into the international haulage sector further variations on the flagship 2600 theme were introduced in 1967, with trailing axle (AS) 6x2 and double-drive (AT) 6x4 configurations being launched. In addition the heavy end of the DAF product range was futher enhanced, in 1968, with the introduction of a new series of DAF-developed 11.6-litre naturally aspirated engines, known as the K-series. The DK 1160 produced 230 bhp SAE, whilst the DKA 1160 made ingenious use of tuned-length induction ram-pipes to boost the peak output to 250 bhp. Both were naturally aspirated engines.

Technical data:
- engine: V8
- capacity: 11600 cc
- horsepower: 230 HP
- gearbox: 4+2
- top speed: 90 km/h

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