Skoda Fabia II

Wednesday 26 August 2009
The second generation Fabia (internal type code 5J) was officially presented at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2007 and was sold from April 2007. However, unlike the Mk4 Seat Ibiza and Mk5 VW Polo, the second generation Fabia is not based on the VW Group's PQ25 platform, instead being based on the PQ24 platform like the first generation model. The car is however slightly larger than its predecessor and takes styling cues from the new Roomster leisure activity vehicle.
Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive introduces the new Fabia to the public at the 2008 Guangzhou Motor Show. And it sells as 2009 model year in China.
The replicas come out of the official Skoda models maker - Abrex, which is a brand of Hongwell. Very sophisticated brand.

Technical data:
- engine: 4 cylinders
- capacity: 1200 cc
- horsepower: 69 HP
- gearbox: 5+1
- top speed: 163 km/h

3 komentarze:

lorenzo721 pisze...

An excellent model, as usual!

I like Abrex models, particularly their original vintage models, but unfortunately I've never been able to purchase any... Regarding this brand I'd like to bring a minor correction: as far as I know Abrex doesn't belong to Hongwell, it simply sub-contracted the production of their models with the Chinese company.

Modelarz pisze...

Yes, you are right about Abrex. It is a company that orders and distributes Skoda models manufactured by Hongwell and marked as Abrex. The replicas show potential of Chinese manufacturer, which makes some really nice models apart from Skodas.

lorenzo721 pisze...

Thank you to have confirmed.

Yes, I agree with you about Cararama. Most of their recent models are of excellent value for money. Unfortunately that's always the same models from this brand we see over and over here in Manila - I haven't seen a new Cararama in 2-3 years I think, not mentioning that no Abrex ever reached us. Too bad...