Fiat 2300 Familiare

Tuesday 27 January 2010
The Fiat 2300 is a six cylinder saloon car produced by Italian automotive manufacturer Fiat between 1961 and 1969. Mechanically the 2300 lived up to its expectations with power assisted brake discs for all four wheels and a powerful 2.3 litre six cylinder engine (with twin-carbs on the "S" version). Production continued in limited numbers until 1968. The 2300 saloon (styled by Pininfarina) is noteworthy as the first Fiat model to become available with a fully automatic gearbox, which replaced the Saxomat clutch as an optional extra in 1966. Most 2300s and all 2300S coupés had a four-speed all-synchromesh gearbox.

Technical data:
- engine: 6 cylinders
- capacity: 2279 cc
- horsepower: 105 HP
- gearbox: 5+1
- top speed: 165 km/h

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