Rayton Fissore Magnum

Monday 7 February 2011
Laforza was an American automobile manufacturer. The company sold an Italian-built
military and police body and chassis designed by Tom Tjaarda, fitted with Italian leather interior and a fuel injected Ford Windsor engine. It was marketed as a "luxury 4x4", competing with the Range Rover. The vehicle was refreshed in 1998 with a "new" design to include more modern amenities, but used the same basic body and drivetrain. The origin of the Laforza was the Rayton Fissore Magnum 4x4 presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1985. This vehicle was based on an Iveco 4x4 40-10 frame that was shortened and lowered. The front and rear differentials, suspension, and brakes were carried over from the Iveco truck.
The body shell added additional strength to the chassis through a construction technique developed by Rayton Fissore called “UNIVIS”. The body consisted of a square tubular structure bolted to the “C” frame with 10 rubber mounts (silent block). The first Laforzas arrived in the United States between 1988-89 with some modifications to the Magnum 4x4 base frame. The major differences included: reinforced and modified cross members, (transmission) and other details to use the 302 cu in (4.9 L) Ford V8 (more commonly known as the 5.0 Liter) EFI engine and the AOD transmission, coupled with a "2wd high, 4wd high, 4wd low" Newprocess 229 transfer case. The body underwent some minor restyling, bumpers and tail lights were different, as well as the headlights and grille.
The Magnum 4x4's leather interior was retained in the American version, but upgraded with a new type of dash and seats as well as the center tunnel and the door panels.
Some of the vehicle's design innovations included the composite integrated bumpers painted in the same color of the body, smooth roof lines without rain gutters, and a more rounded body shape.

Technical data:
- engine: V6
- capacity: 2500 cc
- horsepower: 140 HP
- gearbox: 5+1
- top speed: 170 km/h

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