Seat 131 Supermirafiori

Monday 7 February 2011
The Seat 131 started its production in early 1975 in Barcelona. Two versions were offered: Seat 131 L, featuring rectangular front lamps, 1438 cc OHC engine and 4 speed gearbox and Seat 131 E featuring four round headlamps, 1592 cc DOHC engine and 5 speed gearbox. The range grew up in 1976 with the Seat 131 Familiar, estate version offered with both engines. In 1977 the 131 Automatico (Automatic gearbox) was released and the following year a very short production of the Seat 131 CLX 1800 was offered. Spain was the only place where the estate 131 was built, but in the export these were labelled Fiat 131 Familiare. In 1978, the Seat 131 evolves into the Seat 131 Mirafiori/Supermirafiori (Panorama for the estate versions), with the same changes as seen on its Italian cousin. The engines remained largely the same, but a 1.8 liter Diesel Perkins engine was available in 1979. In 1981, the Diesel version was developed with a new Sofim engine. This 2500 cc engine was much more powerful than the Perkins version (72 hp against only 49 hp) and was one of the most successful car as a Taxi in Spain in early 80's.
Also, another CLX special edition was launched in 1980. Available only in metallic silver or metallic bronze colours, this 131 CLX also had a 1919 cc engine, eveloping 114HP. In 1982, the Seat 131 changed again, gathering all the body changes seen on the Fiat 131 3 series. The 131 was now available in CL, Supermirafiori and Diplomatic versions. The Diplomatic was the top of the range, with a 1995cc engine and features such as power steering, power windows or air conditioning. The Panorama versions were the cars chosen by the "Cuerpo Nacional de Policia" (Spanish Police force) as patrol cars. In 1984 the whole Seat 131 range was phased out, without a direct substitute. The brand new and Ritmo - based Seat Malaga took its place in 1985.

Technical data:
- engine: 4 cylinders
- capacity: 1301 cc
- horsepower: 78 HP
- gearbox: 5+1
- top speed: 165 km/h

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manuel pisze...

There are two police forces in Spain:
1º Cuerpo Nacional de Policia.

2º Guardia Civil.

The first corp works in big cities and the second, in litlle villages.

This car belongs to the Guardia Civil.

Modelarz pisze...

Thanks Manuel. It is always difficult with the different police forces around Europe. In Poland we have a police, Central Investigations Bureau, Road Transport Agency (that's for commercial vehicles) and a city guard units. Way too much.