Mercedes Benz L911

Tursday 28 October 2010
The Mercedes-Benz L-series is a conventional layout, cab-after-engine truck manufactured from 1958 to 1995. (L series).
The L-series was first produced in Germany in 1958 and was in production for export until 1995. The L-series was a big export success for Mercedes-Benz and became very popular in the Middle-East, South America and Africa. In Arabia, the L-series in 6x6 sleeper cab configuration (Model 'LS') handled heavy road traction almost exclusively.
Just as the Dodge Power Wagon became synonymous with oil exploration throughout Arabia in the 1950s, the L-series, together with the Kenworth 953 became the two trucks which were synonymous with the oil exploration boom in Arabia throughout the 1960s. Many roads throughout Arabia were not surfaced until the early Eighties and there were no weight or length limitations on road haulage. This meant that the trucks carried heavier loads than for which they were designed, in some instances three times the maximum designed loaded weight, and in carrying these loads, the L-series gained a reputation for toughness and reliability. Nearly all L-series shipped to Arabia were orange in color, but all L-series shipped to North Africa were green in color.
After 1995 production in Germany ceased but was continued at Mercedes-Benz factories in South America. The L-series remains in service throughout all of the regions to which it was exported.

Technical data:
- engine: 6 cylinders
- capacity: 5680 cc
- horsepower: 130 HP
- gearbox: 4+1
- top speed: 90 km/h

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