GAZ 3302

Monday 8 April 2013
The GAZelle (Russian: ГАЗе́ль) is a series of mid-sized trucks, vans and buses made by Russian car manufacturer GAZ. GAZelles are similar to the later launched GAZ-2215/GAZ-2752 Sobol and GAZ-3310 Valdai line of vans and light trucks. GAZelle, Sobol, and Valdai account for the majority of the Russian van and light truck market, and rank as GAZ's most popular and successful products. The GAZ Sobol is a lighter duty version of the GAZelle, built on a shorter wheelbase. It was introduced in 1994.

Technical data:
- engine: 4 cylinders
- capacity: 2445 cc
- horsepower: 100 HP
- gearbox: 5+1
- top speed: 110 km/h

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