Multicar M25

Monday 13 January 2014
Multicar is a small, specialized multifunctional equipment transporter manufactured at the Hako-Werke GmbH Multicar factory Waltershausen, Germany. Multicar is the only brand that has survived from the East German IFA vehicle industry.
In 1920 the present company was founded as the ADE works (named after Arthur Ade). It produced agricultural equipment, trailers and clutches. After the Second World War, production was resumed in 1946 under the name "Gerätebau Waltershausen".
In 1948 the company was renamed VEB Fahrzeugwerk Waltershausen, a name it retained until its privatization in 1991. In 1956 production began on the DK 3 diesel cart (also known as the Diesel Ant, ants being hard-working). This had been developed in the Ludwigsfelde works and was actually an Electrocar with a diesel engine. Two years later, the first Multicar, the M 21, was produced. By 1964, 14,000 units had left the factory in Waltershausen. For the following ten years the M22 left the production line, with 42,500 vehicles built. Until 1978, its successor, the M24, was produced with 25,600 vehicles leaving the factory, 48% of which were exported. The M25 was a major export; 70% went to the Comecon states and the West. Its production was continued in 1991 with the Modell 91, which had a VW engine. Approximately 100,000 units were produced.
In 1991, the state-owned factory was privatized, becoming Hako-Werke GmbH (Hako Works, Hako being short for Hans Koch & Son). The crucial driving force behind the turnaround - and after reunification - was the former director of materials management at Multicar, Manfred Windus, who was honored in 1993 as manager of the year. From 1993 to 2009, the M26 was produced. In 1998 Hako-Werke bought the shares held by Deutsche Beteiligungsgesellschaft (an equity fund) and thus became the majority shareholder. The products TREMO and UX100 were moved to Waltershausen. In 2001 production began on a new series, FUMO (short for FUnction and MObility). Since 2004, in cooperation with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, the Specialty Vehicle Mungo has been produced for use in the Bundeswehr. The manager Walter Botschatzki was awarded the Order of Merit First Class in 2005 by the German Federal President Horst Köhler.
The current products M27, FUMO and the particularly narrow TREMO Carrier are equipped with engines that meet all of the Euro-5 emission standards. Currently, seven vehicles are produced a day.

Technical data:
- engine: 4 cylinders
- capacity: 1997 cc
- horsepower: 45 HP
- gearbox: 4+1
- top speed: 50 km/h

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Espectacular colección Amigo tienes cosas muy interesantes.
Destaco de ellas:
La familia de FORD Escort MkI y II
Yo solo tengo la I versión hecha por Vanguards y es muy buena pieza al igual que la tuya que con ese color blanco también le da un punto.
Los camiones son todos muy buenas piezas y bien hermosas a cada una de ellas.
El Aro un vehículo que se vio en pocas cantidades en España, pero se llego a ver en mi pueblo había uno de color rojo.
El Daf A1600 me ha encantado mas que el resto, una belleza de miniatura,

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